Board of Directors

Deborah Atwood

Deborah Atwood

Board Chair

Timothy Beans

Timothy Beans

Board Vice Chair

Luis Sahmkow

Audit and Risk Committee Chair

Beth Keck ACDI/VOCA board member

Beth Keck

Governance Committee Chair


Chris Cochran

Mr. Cochran is a global sustainability executive with experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors and deep expertise in the …


Leslie Durschinger

Leveraging 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Ms. Durschinger founded Terra Global Capital in 2006 to promote …


Enoh Ebong

Ms. Ebong joined the Milken Institute’s Center for Advancing the American Dream in January 2020, where she drives the development …

Andrew Gilbert

Andrew (Andy) Gilbert has a considerable background in agriculture and cooperative governance. He served on the Board of Directors of …

Shona Warner

Shonda Warner

Clarksdale, Mississippi Ms. Warner is the founder of Chess Ag, which manages a suite of funds that are invested in …

Mortimer Neufville

Mortimer Neufville

Director Emeritus

Charles J. Hall

Charles J. Hall serves as president and chief executive officer of ACDI/VOCA, assuming day-to-day leadership and management of the organization. Mr. …

Executive Team

Charles J. Hall

President and CEO

sylvia megret acdi/voca

Sylvia Megret

Chief Operating Officer


Luke Pingel

Chief Legal Officer

Gevorg Adamyan headshot

Gevorg Adamyan

Chief Integration Officer

Technical Experts

Hayden Aaronson headshot

Hayden Aaronson

Senior Technical Director of Market Systems

Cristobal Aguilar headshot

Cristobal Aguilar

Senior Director of Agriculture and Community Development

Caroline Bailey headshot

Caroline Bailey

Senior Technical Learning Coordinator


Geoffrey Chalmers

Managing Director of Partnerships & Investment


Ydun Donahoe

Technical Director of Market Systems


Valentina Echeverry

Technical Director, Partnerships & Investments

Barry Elkin

Technical Director of Commodity Management


Bob Fries

Executive Vice President of Technical Learning and Application and President of AV Ventures

Anna Garloch_headshot

Anna Garloch

Senior Technical Director of Market Systems

Alysa Grude headshot

Alysa Grude

Associate Director of Nutrition and Food Systems


Ivan Landers

Technical Director of Agriculture Systems

Melissa Matlock headshot

Melissa Matlock

Associate Director, Gender and Social Inclusion


Christine McClung

Partnerships & Investment Specialist


Nathalie Me-Nsope

Director of Gender and Agriculture


Morgan Mercer

Director of Gender & Youth


Kathryn Merckel

Associate Director of Nutrition and Food Systems


Paul Newall

Associate Director of Partnerships & Investment

Vusala headshot

Vusala Safarova

Senior Technical Learning Coordinator


Mark Sevier

Technical Director of Market Systems and Partnerships


Dipa Sharif

Director of Catalyzing Investments

Abigail Spangler

Associate Director of Gender & Youth

Cheryl Turner headshot

Cheryl Turner

Managing Director of Technical Learning & Application

Jenn Williamson headshot

Jenn Williamson

Managing Director of Gender and Social Inclusion

HOMe office Directors


Ellen Aldrich

Senior Director of General Accounting


Maura Allen

Executive Vice President of Resilience & Growth

Sabrina Amburgey

Vice President of Strategic Growth & Partnerships

Ruth Arriaga headshot

Ruth Arriaga

Senior Director of International Human Resources

Krystle headshot

Krystle Austin

Director of Business Development, Resilience & Growth

Rebekah Bakewicz headshot

Rebekah Bakewicz

Associate Director of Resilience & Growth

Bo Banks headshot

Bo Banks

Director of Business Development, Inclusive Market Systems


Elitza Barden

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems


Stephanie Brennan

Lead Technical Writer


Gregory Buchholz-White

Senior Director of Regulatory and Compliance Teaming


Olya Catto

Managing Director of Project Operations and Volunteer Programs


Kavita Chambery

Senior Director of Resilience & Growth

Nicole Chao headshot

Nicole Chao

Senior Director of Resilience & Growth

Jill Chow

Vice President of Communications & Outreach


Sandi Crawford

Senior Director of Awards Management Services

Emmanuel Dormon headshot

Emmanuel Dormon

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems

david fischer headshot

David Fischer

Senior Director of Business Development, Inclusive Market Systems

Carolyn Froeschl headshot

Carolyn Froeschl

Senior Director of Financial Systems

Gandilyann headshot

Art Gandilyan

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems

Patricia Gbeti

Senior Director of Project Accounting & Finance

Olaf Kula headshot

Olaf Kula

Senior Managing Director of Inclusive Market Systems

Beth Leonhardt

Senior Director of Business Development, Resilience & Growth

Kate Linde-Kogan

Managing Director of Financial Planning and Analysis


Tamara Ljubinkovic

Senior Director of Project Operations


Marc Kokosky

Senior Director of Compliance

Norman Martin headshot

Norman Martin

Senior Director of Information Technology and SharePoint Information Architect

JoEllen McGann headshot

JoEllen McGann

Senior Director of Food Security & Agriculture, Resilience & Growth

Nadia Namken

Senior Technical Director of Inclusive Market Systems

Patrick Norrell headshot

Patrick Norrell

Managing Director of Inclusive Market Systems


Quanita Pokolo-Hassell

Vice President of Human Resources

robin ritchey headshot

Robin Ritchey

Vice President of Business Development

Laura Schauble headshot

Laura Schauble

Vice President of Risk Management and Office Operations

Georgia Sheehy-Beans headshot

Georgia Sheehy-Beans

Vice President of Quality & Compliance


Jessica Taglieri

Senior Director of Knowledge Management

Mike Thayer headshot

Mike Thayer

Senior Director of Resilience & Growth

Thelonious Trimmell

Senior Agribusiness Advisor of Inclusive Market Systems


Lucas Valente da Costa

Associate Director of Resilience & Growth


Meg Weaver

Senior Director of Communications

Field Leadership

Ricardo Amaya

Chief of Party of the Youth Resilience Activity and Colombia Country Representative

Nazgulmira Arynova

The Kyrgyz Republic Farmer-to-Farmer Program Country Director


Makrita Avjyan

Armenia Farmer-to-Farmer Program Country Director

Jean-Frederic Beauchesne

Chief of Party of the USAID Zambia Enterprise Development and Growth Enhanced Activity


Carl Birkelo

Chief of Party of USDA Feed Enhancement for Ethiopian Development – Phase III and ACDI/VOCA Country Representative in Ethiopia

Carolina Blackburn

Deputy Director of Fundación ACDI/VOCA Latin America


Wyanie Bright

Chief of Party, USAID Kuza


Ibrahima Camara

ACDI/VOCA Country Representative in Guinea

James-Collins-COP Kenya LMS

James Collins

Chief of Party of the Resilience Learning Activity under the Feed the Future Kenya Livestock Market Systems Activity

Carianne de Boer headshot

Carianne de Boer

Chief of Party of Ghana Poultry Project


Hiqmet Demiraj

Chief of Party of the USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project in the Kyrgyz Republic

Jim-Flock headshot

Jim Flock 

Chief of Party of Feed the Future Tanzania NAFAKA II Activity


Dun Grover

Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for the USAID Honduras Transforming Market Systems Activity

Nodir headshot

Nodir Ibrohimzoda

Tajikistan Farmer-to-Farmer Program Country Director and ACDI/VOCA Country Representative in Tajikistan

Glenn lines headshot

Glenn Lines

Chief of Party of Forest Incomes for Environmental Sustainability Activity and Country Representative in Liberia


Agnes Luz

Chief of Party of USAID Burma Agriculture and Food Systems Development Activity


James Mbwika

Chief of Party of Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria Project


Magda Menabde

Georgia Farmer-to-Farmer Program Country Director

Jimena-Nino headshot

Jimena Niño

Chief of Party of Program of Alliances for Reconciliation


Victoria Norelid

CLA Deputy Chief of Party of the Youth Resilience Activity


Cuan Opperman

Chief of Party of Feed the Future Bangladesh Rice and Diversified Crops Activity


Sergio Rivas

Regional Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean and ACDI/VOCA Country Representative in Honduras

TJ Ryan headshot

T.J. Ryan

Chief of Party of Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise Project

Muhammad speaking at event

Muhammad Nurul Amin Siddiquee

Chief of Party of Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock Production for Improved Nutrition and ACDI/VOCA Country Representative in Bangladesh

Regis Terrien

Chief of Party of Victory Against Malnutrition Plus Project


Christel Tshikudi

Chief of Party of Feed the Future Ghana Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement II (ADVANCE II) Project

Enrique Villalba

Chief of Party of the Disaster Risk Reduction in Central Department Program in Paraguay

Sophie Walker

Chief of Party of the Laos Microenterprise Activity