ACDI/VOCA is a nonprofit development organization that resulted from the 1997 merger of Agricultural Cooperative Development International (ACDI), founded in 1963, and Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (VOCA), founded in 1970.  We pronounce our name “A-C-D-I vō-kə.”

We design and carry out foreign assistance programs around the world. ACDI/VOCA and our two affiliates, Tanager and AV Ventures, pursue similar missions through different funding sources, including the United States Agency for International Development and other U.S. government entities as well as foreign governments, philanthropic organizations, and corporations. ​

We empower people to make positive changes in their lives by applying our expertise in the following practices areas, which interact in exciting ways.

What does that look like when put into action? Explore examples of our work around the world, below:

  • We help improve food security among poor and vulnerable populations.

In TANZANIA, our program scales up innovations in rice and maize farming technology and practices. These efforts make the market for grains more competitive and profitable for farmers. As the resulting demand for fortified flour grows, nutrition levels, especially among women and children, also improve.

  • We connect people and businesses to create jobs and strengthen economic market systems.

In BANGLADESH, our program incentivizes companies to work with farmers in the country’s cyclone-prone southern region. We engage the private sector to train farmers to produce higher-quality, higher-priced crops. This way, farmers gain a market for selling their crops, while companies gain a stable supplier. This market connection between farmers and companies enables trade to continue long after the program ends.

  • We help communities build resilience to conflict, shock, and stress.

Many pastoralists communities in Northern KENYA’s arid and semi-arid lands experience drought, hunger, and undernutrition. Our program collaborates with the national and local government to expand and diversity income opportunities, which often involve livestock-related businesses. We help strengthen policies that support these jobs and help with the successful management of natural resources, such as rangeland and water availability.

  • We seek solutions to financial barriers.

Small businesses are the backbone of most economies, but many are too large for microloans and too small for commercial investment. In THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC, our program supports small- and medium-sized enterprises by partnering with the private sector, offering blended finance to lower the risk of investing in them, and improving their access to capital through accelerator programs.

  • We pursue equity and inclusion for all​.

As COLOMBIA reaches a pivotal time in its history, turning the page on decades of armed conflict, our program promotes the reconciliation of communities. We provide training, psychosocial support, and workshops to foster social inclusion among all marginalized groups, including ex-combatants, youth, LGBTQI communities, and many others.


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