A Global Leader in Economic Development
As a leading market systems practitioner, ACDI/VOCA has proven expertise in agriculture, economic growth, resilience, finance, and equity and inclusion.

The best way to ensure durable outcomes for issues like food security, economic prosperity, and social inclusion is through locally driven market solutions. ACDI/VOCA helps developing countries sustainably improve key economic sectors by engaging governments, civil society, private companies, and financial institutions as partners in both program design and implementation.


We pursue our mission by delivering expert technical assistance through three lines of business that reinforce one another through diverse funding sources:

  • ACDI/VOCA by official development assistance
  • Tanager, our affiliate, by private corporations and foundations
  • AV Ventures, our second affiliate, by blended finance investments

Together, we bridge diverse stakeholders in shared development efforts, linking smallholders to big processors, vulnerable populations to viable commercial businesses, private and civil sectors to public resources, humanitarian assistance and food/nutrition security to economic growth, and microfinance to mezzanine and blended finance.

Public Sector

Our government partnerships play a key role in projects like this in Kyrgyzstan

ACDI/VOCA is an industry leader in technical implementation. Our work empowers those with limited economic opportunities. Our methodologies and tools are proven and effective, relevant and innovative.

We are an international organization skilled in understanding and addressing local needs. We open doors for people who have been excluded, allowing them access to choices that improve the lives of their families and the vitality of their communities.

We leverage investments from private-sector partners and provide additional value through our volunteer programs. Our reputation for accountability and impact is rooted in an award-winning global system of monitoring, impact evaluation, and learning.

Private Sector

Private sector partnerships positively impact projects like this project in rural Bangladesh

ACDI/VOCA offers extensive networks and community relationships for corporations, foundations or investors. We understand rural markets and appropriate technologies, and can make the business case for reaching and including marginalized groups.

We help communities produce products that meet market standards, empowering them to earn livelihoods, provide for their families, and educate their children.

  • We help corporations and foundations penetrate new markets, reach the last mile, and increase profitability. While doing corporate good, our private-sector partners share value, forge sustainable supply chains, and build the capacity of local players.
  • For financial institutions and impact investors, we deploy blended finance to catalyze commercial market solutions. We welcome engagement by financiers in our programs.
  • With responsible corporate citizens, we co-design and implement community development projects that are sustainable and aligned with community interests, national development priorities, and a region’s competitive advantages. We also organize and manage corporate volunteer programs.
  • We help input vendors build product distribution channels, demonstrate the comparative value of their technologies, understand how gender and social differences impact buyer preferences and engagement, and connect vendors and trainers with their target markets.
  • For commercial buyers, such as millers or traders, we organize commercial groups of producers to coordinate production and delivery of quality products to buying stations.


ACDI/VOCA’s business entities—ACDI/VOCA itself, Tanager, and AV Ventures —are strategically positioned to best serve the needs of different types of partners. We share technical resources and on-the-ground presence to achieve the precise objectives of our diverse partners.

acdi logoACDI/VOCA is an economic development organization that fosters broad-based economic growth, raises living standards, and creates vibrant communities.

tanager logo Tanager is an international nonprofit that connects people and partners—including foundations and corporations—to unlock the full potential for shared market opportunities.

avventures logo AV Ventures provides innovative, catalytic financing to agribusiness small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in West Africa and Central Asia.