Official Development Assistance

Our three lines of business inform how we–in close collaboration with our funders, partners, staff, and beneficiaries–achieve desired development outcomes and positively impact targeted communities. ACDI/VOCA is funded by official development assistance. We design and implement major agriculture, economic development, and resilience programs in developing countries.

If you’re a potential public sector donor, a government or foundation representative who would like to design and implement projects with us, please contact:


As a development catalyst, we organize robust international and local teams to bridge diverse stakeholders and optimize the impact of our projects. We need implementation partners and engaged private sector partners for these projects.

If you represent a development organization and can add value to ACDI/VOCA program efforts or a corporation whose business aligns with inclusive market development, please contact:

Interested in our Contracting Vehicles? Find out more about how we facilitate the funding of development activities.

Private sector engagement

Through partnerships, lasting and adaptable solutions are created.

ACDI/VOCA’s partnerships with the private sector promote nutrition and food security, enhance income generation, support gender equality and social inclusion, and address environmental sustainability challenges in communities around the world.

We collaborate with multinational companies, large firms, small and growing businesses, as well as multi-stakeholder alliances like industry associations, public agencies, and influential community groups to develop transformational partnerships.

ACDI/VOCA’s Approach

Understand the Problem:  We analyze the market to discover the causes of poor performance, paying special attention to the capacity of local firms and incentives that could encourage them to engage in the market. By understanding how and why local businesses behave the way they do, we can engage with the right partners.

Collaborate on the Solution: We engage our partners in conversations early and often, listening to their perspectives around common local problems, wants and needs. Together, we identify the opportunities and design solutions to impact the system.

Respond and Adapt: A healthy partnership allows for flexibility when circumstances change, or experience reveals a better approach. We invest the time, energy, and resources in the relationship with our partners to ensure we can evolve with changing market dynamics, enhance resilience, and produce enduring results.

Measure and Learn: We measure the impact of our work on the market using mutually developed milestones, indicators, and metrics. We use what we learn to build our own capacity and that of our partners. We make evidence-based shifts in practice to improve the system as a whole. 

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