We empower people to make positive changes in their lives by applying our expertise in the following practices areas, which interact in exciting, engaging ways.

Graphic illustrating practice areas

Core Practice Areas


We help farmers and agribusinesses sustainably improve productivity, access markets, and feed a growing population. This involves catalyzing sustainable production, agribusiness supply chains, and effective natural resource management. We focus on nutrient-rich commodities, tree crops, and agroforestry, often reaching producers through cooperatives, farm groups, and private service providers.



We help communities and households better prepare for, withstand, and recover from shocks and stresses. We promote the resilience of people and systems through work that spans a range of areas: governance, peace and reconciliation, risk management, climate change adaptation, community and livelihood development, water and sanitation, and peace and reconciliation.

Economic Growth

We connect people and businesses in systems that increase incomes, create jobs, and expand opportunities. Our inclusive market systems approach improves conditions and incentives for markets to work better for the poor and marginalized. We facilitate private-sector partnerships, support entrepreneurship and workforce development, and an improved business-enabling environment.

Cross-Cutting Areas



This cross-cutting area improves access to finance for targeted groups, and deploys blended finance to expand economic, environmental, and social impacts long beyond the life of our projects.


Equity and inclusion

This cross-cutting area incorporates specialized approaches to promote gender equity as well as to include youth and marginalized communities as program participants.