Projekat Velika Mala Privreda

Projekat Velika Mala Privreda (Big Small Businesses Project) is a five-year activity that will enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be better integrated into higher-value-added value chains and developed markets, and be active participants in a more inclusive and sustainable market system. The Project will achieve greater impact and catalyze systemic transformation by shifting from a national, sectoral focus to a regionally tailored approach that strengthens the local market systems. With a focus toward the future, the Project will identify and respond to emerging opportunities for Serbian SMEs to creatively solve challenges and respond to new opportunities. ACDI/VOCA and our partners have identified two primary sectors with high potential for export and inclusive growth opportunities in underdeveloped regions – Agriculture & Food and Equipment & Machines – with intersectional opportunities in Digitalization, Green Economy, and Creative Industry applications.

Request for Proposals

  • Improve productivity and profitability of SMEs through enhanced management and modernization
  • Expand SME exports through improved market alignment and adaptations
  • Increase SME utilization of financing instruments
  • Improve human capacity development, especially for youth, as a cross-cutting outcome
  • Engage with a range of local partners through data-driven analysis and design
  • Work with localized partners and networks on capacity building, information sharing, and market linkages
  • Focus the activity’s work on innovation and collective action

Anticipated results include:

  • 1,000 private sector firms that have improved management practices or technologies as a result of United States Government (USG) assistance  
  • 40% increase in sales of firms impacted by USG-funded assistance. 
  • 500 new market products or services as a result of the USG assistance.
  • $50 million in new investments made as a result of USG assistance.
  • 1,200 jobs created as a result of USG assistance

Funder: USAID

Chief of Party: Alex Pavlovic,


Project Director: Elitza Barden,

Project Specialist: Abraham Cruz,