Serbia Leo Report 34

Serbia Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis—Organizational Network Analysis: Leo Report #34

THIS REPORT This report was prepared in conjunction with the Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis for USAID-Serbia, conducted from …

Serbia Leo 29

Serbia Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis: LEO Report #29

OBJECTIVE This assessment seeks to identify the key factors constraining Serbia’s private MSME sector, and its ability to grow and …


Serbia Enterprise Development Project (SEDP)

Increasing Serbian Enterprises’ Export Capacity and Trade Linkages The Serbia Enterprise Development Project (SEDP), a three-year program funded by USAID/Serbia’s …

children in a classroom

Community Revitalization through Democratic Action (CRDA)

Empowering Communities Through Democratic Mechanisms In recent decades, conflicts have fractured Serbian society along ethnic and religious lines. After Slobodan …

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ACDI/VOCA Helps Beekeeping Cooperative in Serbia