USAID/Honduras Transforming Market Systems Activity

Solicitud de Propuestas/Request for Proposals


“Honduras Market Systems Diagnostic 2020” (April 15, 2021)

Market Systems Resilience: Impact of COVID-19 and Hurricanes Eta & Iota on Honduran Market Systems (January 2021)

“Metrics and Data for Self-Reliance: Evidence from Honduras” Learning Report published on USAID’s Learning Lab (October 20, 2020).

“Adapting Impact Measurement and Management to the COVID-19 Crisis” (June 2020) PowerPoint presentation.

Business Resilience Analysis: COVID-19 (April 2020).

Business Resilience Analysis: COVID-19, second survey (May 2020).

Private Sector Engagement Relationship Qualities in a Market Systems Development Activity Learning Brief (April 2016).

2018 Market Systems Diagnostic Report

Integrating the 5Rs Framework into the Transforming Market System (TMS) Activity Design, Implementation and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning in Honduras Presentation & Brief (2018)

Background Narrative

The Transforming Market Systems Activity (TMS) reflects collaboration between the Government of Honduras and USAID/Honduras under the key initiatives of the Alliance for Prosperity and Honduras 20/20 to address the root causes of illegal migration and contribute to a more prosperous, secure, and inclusive Honduras. TMS works with government, civil society, and the private sector in Honduras to facilitate systemic change in Honduran market systems that grow demand for products, create self-employment, generate new jobs and economic opportunities for USAID beneficiaries at a scale, depth, and geographic concentration to create transformational change in local economies.

The Transforming Market Systems (TMS) activity fosters competitive, resilient, and inclusive market systems that provide increased economic opportunities that incorporate women, youth, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, the poor, and other marginalized groups who are often excluded—or even exploited—by traditional market systems.

  • Value-added agriculture: Transform agricultural products and services to create value and expand market share.
  • Tourism and creative industries: Develop attractive experiences that motivate tourists to visit and spend in Honduran destinations.
  • Entrepreneurship: Deliver the resources needed by entrepreneurs to establish new ventures and grow their enterprises.
  • Labor Intermediation: Facilitate training and placement in jobs, advance workers’ careers, and ensure a skilled workforce for private-sector growth
  • Business-enabling environment: Establish institutional and legal environments to improve ease of doing business / competitiveness
  • Number of individuals with new or better jobs: 50,000
  • Incremental value of sales: USD$50 million
  • Amount of public and private capital leveraged: USD$50 million

Funder: USAID

Chief of Party: Ricardo Amaya,

Project Specialist: Ximena Perez,

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