bolivian community

Integrated Community Development Fund (ICDF)

Improving Social and Productive Infrastructure ACDI/VOCA fostered opportunities in Bolivia through the Integrated Community Development Fund (ICDF). The seven-year USAID-funded …

Bangladesh family

Program for Strengthening Household Access to Resources (PROSHAR)

Video courtesy of PCI. Implemented in collaboration with Project Concern International (PCI), the Program for Strengthening Household Access to Resources …


Afghanistan Incentives Driving Economic Alternatives for the North, East & West (IDEA-NEW)

Increasing Licit Livelihood Opportunities in Rural Areas Incentives Driving Economic Alternatives – North, East and West (IDEA-NEW) was a USAID-funded …

Man Showcasing Traditional Songs

Colombia ACIP Participants Showcase Traditional Songs at International Theater Festival

In March, Afro-Colombian singers from the northwestern Chocó region captivated audiences with their alabaos, or sacred burial songs, at the Ibero-American …


Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Increases Food Consumption and Dietary Diversity

The “Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Farmer Training” manual developed for and piloted in Ethiopia by our Agricultural Growth Program-Agribusiness and Market Development …

Signature Tool Gender First

Gender First

Ensuring equal access to productive resources and economic decisions can significantly increase yields and enable families to allocate more income to food, health, and children. GenderFirst identifies interventions in households, markets, enterprises, and community groups to ensure equitable benefits for all people. GenderFirst empowers all people – both women and men – to succeed in the global economy.

Woman planting in a field

Updated WEAI Guide Launched

ACDI/VOCA is proud to launch the second edition of the Intervention Guide for the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index. This …

ensuring sustained poverty escapes uganda report cover

Ensuring Escapes from Poverty are Sustained in Uganda

Since the early 1990s, Uganda has experienced substantial reductions in poverty. Using the national poverty line, the poverty headcount has …

Vote for Goat

‘V’ for Vegetable

The Golden Chicken

The Beautiful Dacklings