Grant Gives New Life to Women’s Hay Farming Business in Northern Kenya

Members of the Tullu Women’s Group hail from Sololo Ward, a community of livestock keepers in the heart of Marsabit …

Bead Making Means More Income for Halima

Halima Mohamed Arbele, 45, never expected that her hobby could be a source of income for her family. Since 2005 …

A Beekeeping Venture Brings Hope to Pastoralist Families in Northeastern Kenya

Like many people in Wajir County, Ahmed Hussein made a living as a crop farmer and livestock producer. But with …

Tailored Innovation in Isiolo County to Strengthen Livestock Market Systems

Learn more about the Feed the Future Kenya Livestock Market Systems Activity here.

USAID_Kuza_INK Fund post

Bridging the Gaps in Northern Kenya’s Access to Finance

Kenya has made significant progress in financial inclusion, tripling its financial sector in 13 years and providing financial access to 83 percent of the population, according to …

Kenya-LMS_Josephine Akai

Josephine’s Story: Starting a Business in Isiolo, Kenya

According to a 2014 UN Women report, studies show that girls who experience poverty are 2.5 times more likely to …

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Feed the Future Kenya Activity Takes Woman-Owned Poultry Business from Fledgling to Full-Grown

In the heart of Mwangaza Village in Isiolo County, Celina Kathura relishes the sound of clucking poultry in her backyard. Celina …

Simon Muli

Deputy Chief of Party of Expanding Economic Opportunities under the Feed the Future Kenya Livestock Market Systems Activity

Joe Sanders

Chief of Party of the Feed the Future Kenya Livestock Market Systems Activity


Fish Farming to Sustainably Transform County Economy in Kenya

For several years, fishers in Loiyangalani town, located on the shores of Lake Turkana, have been using the casting method to earn a living. This outdated method, over time, has resulted in low yields caused by overfishing and low replenishment rates. …

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On Journey to Self-Reliance, Northern Kenyan Counties Form Trading Bloc

Ten counties in Northern Kenya are part of the Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC), which is dedicated to improving the …

Kenya_LMS_girls education checks

Advocating for Girls’ Education in Northern Kenya

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Kenya in March 2020, many sectors experienced disruptions, and among them was education. To slow the …