Kupuev Academy

Founded in 2019, Kupuev Academy is a private, progressive school located in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. The academy’s innovative curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education standards with enhanced emphasis on math, science, and English language and further supplemented by extracurricular activities aimed at fostering creativity and critical thinking.

AV Ventures’ investment of $700,000 will enable Kupuev Academy to build a second campus in response to strong demand for the school’s innovative curriculum. The proceeds of the new capital will be used to construct a new building with 20 classrooms, a dining area, lounges, and athletic and creative arts studios. It will be equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, IT equipment, and furniture. The launch of this new campus in late 2022 will increase total student capacity from 330 to 600.

Impact: Better Opportunities for Kyrgyz Youth

With the investment from AV Ventures, Kupuev Academy will be able to support more students as well as continue its merit-based scholarship program, online courses developed by Moscow-based programming and mathematics edtech start-up Algoritmika, and develop its own online supplementary learning portal, Kupuev Online, featuring hundreds of pre-recorded lessons, testing materials, and practice questions. These developments are crucial to Kyrgyzstan’s future given that 37 percent of the population is under the age of 19 and the city of Osh alone has more than 74,000 students, with few enrolled in private schools. In fact, only 2.2 percent of all students in the country attend private schools, and the demand for investments in education remains extremely high. A higher-quality education for all age groups and qualifications — supported by private investment — is essential for the local economy to grow and create jobs.

“Kupuev Academy is dedicated to better serving Osh and larger Kyrgyzstan with high quality education. This investment will solidify our position as a leading school in Osh and enable us to expand our innovative educational offerings. Partnering with AV Ventures and CAIF is a major milestone for Kupuev Academy, enabling us to equip our students to become global leaders of tomorrow.”