MCO Vodiy Taraqqiyot Kredit LLC

The microcredit organization Vodiy Taraqqiyot Kredit LLC was established in 2015 as a micro-credit organization to provide high-quality financial services for local citizens of Uzbekistan. The company provides access to microfinance for small entrepreneurs and farmers who have limited access to bank financing, but have huge potential for business growth and for contributing to economic growth.

Historically, the Company has been active in the most densely populated valley of the country, in the Fergana valley. Vodiy Taraqqiyot Kredit supports micro and small businesses and households in rural areas, thereby contributing to the development of the country. The entire loan portfolio of the company is distributed in rural areas. More than 57% of the loan portfolio corresponds to commercial loans, while 17% is for agricultural loans.

The company strives for gender equality and promotes the development of women’s entrepreneurship by providing access to financing for women entrepreneurs; more than 30% of the loan portfolio consists of loans to women.


With this loan, AV Ventures and CAIF enter the Uzbekistan market, which has been largely closed to foreign investment until very recently. The CAIF loan aims to support the company in its development stage, as well as provide access to longer-term foreign capital. As a result, small businesses, farmers and women entrepreneurs will gain improved access to the capital they need to grow their businesses, thereby helping to reduce unemployment, increase the income of households and farmers, and improve the quality and standard of living in rural Uzbekistan.