USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project (ECP)

Increasing market access and competitiveness

Background Narrative

To increase sales and jobs at Kyrgyzstani small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project will accelerate inclusive, market-led growth by fostering a system that increases market access and competitiveness, catalyzes investment, unlocks opportunities for women and youth, builds skills, and encourages a more enabling environment.

Increased competitiveness of Kyrgyzstani SMEs and sustained, inclusive economic growth through

  • expanded end-market linkages;
  • increased SME human, social, and financial capital, and;
  • an improved business enabling environment.
  • Leverage private capital through private sector partnerships
  • Catalyze buyer-supplier relationships through business-to-business marketing events
  • De-risk investment mechanisms through blended finance innovation
  • Increase capital for youth- and women-led SMEs through accelerator programs
  • 19,000 new jobs created by project-supported SMEs
  • $39 million generated in incremental sales
  • 80 youth- or women-led SMEs graduate from accelerators
  • At least 70 high-potential, export-oriented client SME partnerships
  • $60 million in private capital investment leveraged through a project fund

Funder: United States Agency for International Development
Contact: Alex Dunkel at