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The Feed the Future Honduras Food Security, Agriculture, and Resilient Market Systems (FARMS) Activity will strengthen targeted value chains and create sustainable economic opportunities in Honduras by fostering competitive, inclusive, and resilient agricultural systems.

Request for Proposals / Solicitudes de Cotización

ACDI/VOCA invita a los proveedores a presentar oferta de cotización (RFQ) para la adquisición de bienes y equipos para la dotación del Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE), con el objetivo de fortalecer las Capacidades Técnico-Científicas del Laboratorio Químico Agrícola del IHCAFE y su Estrategia de Capacitación para Promover Amplia Adopción de sus Servicios de Análisis de suelos a través de la Actividad Agronegocios Sostenibles.

Co-Creation Announcement/Anuncio de Co-Creación

Co-Creation Announcement: The Feed the Future Honduras Food Security, Agriculture, and Resilient Market Systems (FARMS) Activity seeks concept notes for market systems development projects in the agricultural sector of Honduras. The effective period is May 18, 2022, to May 17, 2023. Download the concept note template.

Anuncio de Co-Creación: : La Actividad de Seguridad Alimentaria, Agricultura y Sistemas de Mercado Resilientes, Agronegocios Sostenibles (FARMS) de Alimentando el Futuro de USAID busca notas conceptuales para proyectos de desarrollo de sistemas de mercado en el sector agropecuario de Honduras. El período de vigencia es del 18 de mayo de 2022 al 17 de mayo del 2023. Descargar formato de nota conceptual.

Project Objectives

  • Objective 1: Agricultural systems that are more competitive.
  • Objective 2: Agricultural systems that are more inclusive.
  • Objective 3: Agricultural market systems that are more resilient.

Project Activities

  • Create more competitive agricultural systems by improving market linkages, increasing provision of services to farmers by local actors, and growing sales in targeted value chains.
  • Develop inclusive agricultural systems by increasing participation and opportunities for poor, youth, and vulnerable populations in agricultural systems.
  • Establish resilient agricultural market systems by diversifying livelihoods, expanding access to sustainable water sources, strengthening capacity to manage pests and diseases, and augmenting safety and functionality of food markets.

Project Results

  • Reach 70,000 individuals with food security efforts
  • Reach 35,000 individuals with new or better jobs
  • Mobilize $140 million in investments

Project Leadership

Project Specialist: Emily Gray

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