Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock and Nutrition Activity

The Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock and Nutrition (LAN) Activity is a five-year, $20.5M activity and a follow-on to the Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock Production for Improved Nutrition (LPIN) Activity, also implemented by ACDI/VOCA. The LAN Activity will sustainably increase livestock productivity, marketability, and consumption of livestock products for improved nutrition and incomes for one million livestock-producing households and firms in the 23 target districts in Bangladesh’s Zone of Influence and Zone of Resilience. To achieve this level of scale and results ACDI/VOCA together with local ICT partner, mPower Social Enterprises Ltd., will use an integrated community-based development and inclusive market systems approach and will co-create solutions with communities and public and private sector actors, effectively leveraging their resources, technologies, and expertise.

Request for Proposal

  • Increase livestock productivity
  • Increase marketability of livestock products at the subnational and national levels
  • Increase household consumption of safe and diversified livestock products
  • Increase access to financial services, scale ICT solutions, and design activities to ensure social inclusion and empowerment of women, youth, and other marginalized groups in the livestock sector
  • Provide technical assistance trainings and co-create solutions with livestock households as well as public and private livestock market actors
  • Support market actors by coordinating and facilitating linkages among relevant stakeholders, including business-to-business meetings and workshops/forums to plan livestock sector interventions
  • Facilitate training and community mobilization events for livestock households and other livestock market actors
  • Promote sustainability by engaging the private sector, including women and youth entrepreneurs, through a grant fund
  • Reach 1,000,000 livestock producing households across twenty-three districts
  • 100% and 225% increase in milk productivity for local breeds and crossbreeds, respectively
  • 70% increase in household consumption of safe, diversified dairy and meat products
  • 80% of farmers with increased incomes

Access the Call for Application Guideline here.

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Funder: USAID

Project Specialist, Nick Okerlund, nokerlund@acdivoca.org