Cooperative Development Program

The activity advances cooperative development knowledge in different contexts, while aligning with CDP’s IRs and the missions’ Country Development Cooperation Strategy. To advance the performance of these areas, the activity will apply ACDI/VOCA’s Inclusive Market Systems approach, developed for USAID, to integrate relationships, ownership, capacity, and incentives. In adopting a facilitative market systems approach to building capacity and sustainable relationships between producers, service providers, and buyers, ACDI/VOCA is creating long-term market relationships and incentives that will sustain cooperatives and their members into the future.

  • Improve cooperative business performance.  
  • Improve cooperative enabling environments.  
  • Enhance development community’s support to cooperatives. 
  • Component I: Cooperative Business Model Knowledge and Awareness – use learning from both country components and other AV projects to increase communication and connections and track the factors that improve cooperative partner performance.  
  • Component II: Guinea Cooperative Strengthening for Cashew Sector Development – build producer organization group capacity to improve cashew quality and volumes, strengthen market linkages, and create clear market incentives in coordination with Guinea/SADA.  
  • Component III: Philippine Agri-base Cooperatives as Local Resource Organizations for Rural Development – strengthen AgriCOOPh to provide needed member services and improve the governance and financial management of cooperatives and other agribusiness in Mindanao and Luzon. 
  • 30 cooperatives and credit unions with improved governance  
  • $1,579,002.00 value of resources leveraged  
  • 106 organizations using CDP developed tools and resources to benefit cooperatives and cooperative systems. In addition to 15,100 cooperative members benefiting from services and resources delivered through cooperatives and credit unions. 

Funder: USAID


Project Director: Alex Dunkel,

Project Specialist: Madelyn Dynes,


Project Specialist: Luisa Beltran Rey,

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