ACDI/VOCA’s social media presences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and Blogger provide community discussion spaces for people interested in ACDI/VOCA to learn about our projects and share their experiences related to our work.

ACDI/VOCA is committed to an open and respectful dialogue in these spaces, and we encourage comments and questions in the spaces’ commenting sections. We welcome your interactions and want you to let us know what your thoughts and questions are, so that we can better engage with you and advance our mission.

Be Positive, Respectful, and Courteous

While there is much that can be discussed, we believe that keeping a focus on ACDI/VOCA’s and our partners’ work best serves our community. Creating a positive, supportive environment, free from commercial endorsements and defaming language, is a critical part of that.

Please know that anything posted that could be interpreted as obscene, threatening, bullying, hateful, pornographic, sexist, or racist may be removed, and the user may be blocked from future postings based on the severity of the posting. Please don’t post commercial advertisements or spam to these spaces; we will remove such postings.

Respect the Privacy, Copyrights, and Proprietary Information of Others

As with any other space, be sure to respect the privacy rights of others by seeking their permission before writing about matters, uploading photos, or conveying other information that they might consider private. Please do not post photos or information that may pose a security risk.

Be sure to respect the confidentiality and intellectual property rights of other organizations and individuals by not disclosing information or uploading material that you know or suspect is confidential or proprietary. Do not upload or copy copyrighted materials without permission from the owner of those materials. Do not disclose information about sensitive internal matters, such as competitive strategies and financial information.

If you are an employee of ACDI/VOCA, remember that your use of our social media outlets is subject to rules on acceptable use of information resources contained in our Employee Manual, as well as our Corporate Conduct Policy.

Enjoy Our Spaces Responsibly

These are public spaces, and we want everyone to feel comfortable participating. We do our best to monitor content posted by our users, but we are not responsible for that content. You are solely responsible for the content you post.

ACDI/VOCA may not be able to review all user content, but we reserve the right to delete inappropriate content posted on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, YouTube, and Blogger pages.

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