ACDI/VOCA received a cost extension to continue our work in Colombia under the USAID-funded Program of Alliances for Reconciliation (PAR) Activity. The cost extension extends the project 18 months. The additional funding will further the impact and reach of economic integration activities with Venezuelan migrants and returning Colombian and receptor communities. Furthermore, PAR supports the Truth Commission’s initiatives to further dialogues and coexistence, the Government of Colombia’s implementation of Reconciliation Pillar within the PDETs, and USAID Colombia’s efforts to highlight and de-stigmatize the role of social leaders.

The Program will promote transformative alliances oriented toward the generation of economic and social opportunities to accomplish the aforementioned objectives. These alliances will enjoy the participation of the private, public, and civil society sectors, all working together under a Reconciliation Approach (RA) that includes recognizing the past as a tool for mobilization, initiating change starting with oneself (psychosocial approach), and the inclusion of vulnerable segments of the population (LGBTI, Afro-Colombian, indigenous persons, women, persons with disabilities, and migrant populations from Venezuela), with a special emphasis on youth.

The RA makes it possible to incorporate differentiated factors into social and economic initiatives through the application of principles like respect for others, building trust, the value of caring for life, and the promotion of the idea that individuals can become agents of change and social transformation. To this end, the Program uses methodological tools that guide the proper application of the RA, including the psychosocial support strategy DecidoSer and protocols like Gender and Social Inclusion and Changing Perception through the Media.

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