Our three lines of business inform how we–in close collaboration with our funders, partners, staff, and beneficiaries–achieve desired development outcomes and positively impact targeted communities. ACDI/VOCA is funded by official development assistance. We design and implement major agriculture, economic development, and resilience programs in developing countries.

If you’re a potential public sector donor, a government or foundation representative who would like to design and implement projects with us, please contact: partnerwithus@acdivoca.org

As a development catalyst, we organize robust international and local teams to bridge diverse stakeholders and optimize the impact of our projects. We need implementation partners and engaged private sector partners for these projects.

If you represent a development organization and can add value to ACDI/VOCA program efforts or a corporation whose business aligns with inclusive market development, please contact: partnerwithus@acdivoca.org

Interested in our Contracting Vehicles? Find out more about how we facilitate the funding of development activities.