Vision: A world in which people are empowered to succeed in the global economy.

Mission: To achieve better lives for people and communities by increasing economic prosperity and social inclusion.

Values: Our core values are the underpinning of our corporate culture. We are an organization driven by:

  • PASSION – We are passionate about our vision for the world and about our commitment to each other and to the people and communities where we work.
  • INSIGHT – We invest in learning and thought leadership and apply knowledge-based insights in everything we do.
  • RESPECT – We promote diversity, transparency, and collaboration because we recognize the dignity, contributions, and interests of others, both inside and outside our organization.
  • RESILIENCE – We are innovative, adaptive, and versatile and learn from our mistakes as well as from our successes.
  • IMPACT – We are inclusive, empowering, and results-oriented because we care about achieving our mission.
  • INTEGRITY – We are honest and accountable, and we value doing the right thing.

ACDI/VOCA is an economic development organization that fosters broad-based economic growth, raises living standards, and creates vibrant communities.

Based in Washington, D.C., ACDI/VOCA has worked in 147 countries since 1963. Total revenues for ACDI/VOCA and our affiliates are approximately $128 million. Its technical practices are catalyzing investment, climate-smart agriculture, empowerment and resilience, institutional strengthening, and market systems. ACDI/VOCA employs around 1,300 people in the USA and overseas.

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ACDI/VOCA’s Current Activities

Signature Tools

In more than 50 years of effecting change around the world, we have developed and adapted signature tools that change people’s lives for the better. From ground-breaking value chain analysis to teaching farming families about business basics, our training methodologies empower people to make positive changes in their lives.

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