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Five Market Systems Strategies to Revive Food & Agricultural Systems During COVID-19

Published by MarketLinks, June 4, 2020, and by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, June 1, 2020

Five Market Systems Strategies to Revive Food & Agricultural Systems During COVID-19

COVID-19 is challenging the world to adapt, and, in doing so, creating two distinct problems in our food and agricultural …

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Finding Resilience: How ACDI/VOCA Helps Communities Adapt to Shocks

When climate disasters, conflicts, and other crises occur, a community’s capacity to withstand the shocks and adapt to them is …

Family farming vegetables in Africa

Capacity Building Empowers Onion Producers in Burkina Faso to Protect Their Livelihoods

In 2017, as part of the USAID-funded Victory Against Malnutrition (ViM) Activity, a group of onion producers from the Sanmantenga …

Regis Terrien

Chief of Party of Victory Against Malnutrition Plus Project

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SELEVER: Better Nutrition Through Women’s Economic Empowerment and Stronger Poultry Markets

Location: Burkina Faso Soutenir l’Exploitation Famaliales pour Lancer l’Elevage des Volailles et Valoriser l’Economie Rurale (SELEVER) is a five-year Bill …

Women Farmers Increase Onion Production & Family Income in Burkina Faso

Small-scale market gardening, especially onion production, has become an important income-generating activity for women in Zorkoum, a village central Burkina …

ACDI/VOCA Burkina Faso ViMPlus onion group leader

Victory Against Malnutrition Plus (ViMPlus) Activity

Achieving Household food & nutrition security  Summary Our vision to combat extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition in the Centre-Nord Region …

From Struggling Milk Producer to Thriving Entrepreneur in Burkina Faso

In central-northern Burkina Faso in the city of Kaya, fresh milk is not always available. Because of low investment in …

ACDI/VOCA Burkina Faso Victory Against Malnutrition womens group Rasmata Moise 1

Women Drive Change in Burkina Faso

In the Center-North Region of Burkina Faso, senior male household members make most of the family decisions about income, land, …

ACDI/VOCA Burkina Faso ViM health

Mother Leaders Strengthen Village Health in Burkina Faso

Messages of health are spreading in Koulogho village, found in the Center-North region of Burkina Faso. Abibou Ouedraogo, 26, is …

Access to Credit Empowers Women in Burkina Faso

Traditional agricultural practices in the Center-North Region of Burkina Faso have often led to low yields of millet, cowpea, sorghum, …

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