ACDI/VOCA ASI President Ana Bilik with Kim MARS Wrigley at Shubh Mint launch

Boosting India’s Mint Supply with Mars Wrigley

Ana Bilik (left), of Agribusiness Systems International, and Kim Frankovich, of Mars Wrigley Confectionary, at the Shubh Mint launch event …

ACDI/VOCA President Bill Polidoro with IFFCO CEO

ACDI/VOCA Celebrates 50 Years of Success After Launch of India’s Largest Fertilizer Producer

Tarun Bhargava (left), deputy general manager of IFFCO, celebrates with Bill Polidoro, president and chief executive officer of ACDI/VOCA In …

ACDI/VOCA co-op member learning about health soil

Co-ops’ Commitment to People and Communities

MAVUNO Farmers Cooperative members learn about soil health When you think of a cooperative, or a co-owned enterprise run by …

Partnership for Innovation & Knowledge in Agriculture (PIKA)

Linking Smallholder Farmer Organizations to Major Regional Markets Organized retail plays an increasingly important role in the sale of grains, …


Growth Oriented Microenterprise Development Program (GMED)

Integrating Farmers into Commercial Supply Chains ACDI/VOCA implemented USAID’s first enterprise development project in India, the 4-year India Growth-Oriented Microenterprise …

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50 Years of ACDI/VOCA: Boosting Food Production in India