USAID Cereal Value Chain (CVC) Project

Increasing Agricultural Productivity in the Cereals Value Chain



The goal of the USAID Cereal Value Chain (CVC) project was to promote inclusive, equitable agricultural sector growth through increased value chain integration and competitiveness.

The USAID CVC project took a facilitative approach to value chain development, ensuring that project efforts led to sustainable partnerships and increased benefits for all actors operating within the value chains, as well as enhanced long-term food security in the target areas. The project promoted integration, empowerment of women, resilience of vulnerable communities and populations, and inclusive development in the sorghum/millet and rice value chains in Mali. This also included key activities necessary for value chain integration and competitiveness such as production, research and technology dissemination, marketing, processing, trade, finance, capacity building, and elements of policy reform.

  • Increase access to food through increased incomes and ability to purchase food
  • Increase food availability through main season production and off-season or integrated production of more diverse and nutritious foods
  • Enhance utilization and consumption of increased quantities of high-quality, nutritious foods with household-level behavior change and nutrition education that applies to both knowledge and practice
  • Build capacity across an array of business development services and agricultural production skills
  • Strengthen relationships among value chain actors
  • Support services and promote the enabling environment necessary for long-term competitiveness
  • Reached 60,311 rural households with CVC interventions
  • 86,825 hectares under improved technologies or management practices as a result of CVC assistance
  • 53,024 farmers and others have applied new technologies or management practices as a result of CVC assistance
  • Facilitated short-term training on agricultural productivity or food security for 54,901 individuals
  • Facilitated access to $5,190,387 in loans from commercial banks and microfinance institutions for beneficiary producer organizations

Funder: USAID
Contact: Cecilia Nicolich,