Value propositions

For donors

We are an industry-recognized technical leader, a trusted partner in implementing important projects, and one whose work transcends project confines to empower those with limited economic opportunities.  We open doors for people, allowing them more choices to improve the lives of their families and the vitality of their communities. We are known as an international organization rooted in an understanding of local needs and priorities, with diverse staff and partners working effectively together to achieve our mission. Our methodologies and tools are proven and effective. Our volunteer programs add value on a personal scale. And, our reputation for accountability and efficiency is rooted in a demanding global system of monitoring and evaluation.

For corporations

We offer extensive networks and community relationships to train dispersed communities in market principles and the value of technology options.  We also coach communities into producing products that meet market standards to enable them to earn livelihoods, provide for their families, and educate their children.
We help input suppliers build product distribution channels, demonstrate the comparative value of their technologies, and connect vendors and trainers with their target markets.
For specialty products such as cocoa or coffee, we organize commercial groups of producers who are better able to coordinate production, processing, and delivery to buying stations.
For responsible corporate citizens, we design and manage community development projects that are aligned with national development programs, consistent with a region’s competitive advantages, and commercially sustainable. We can also organize and manage corporate volunteer programs.