Home Office Directors

Yvonne Abuto

Senior Director of Capture and Proposal Management

Margaret Anderson

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems

Jyldyz Aliyas

Senior Director of Accounting

Sabrina Amburgey

Vice President of Business Development
Ruth Arriaga headshot

Ruth Arriaga

Senior Director of International Human Resources 
Rebekah Bakewicz headshot

Rebekah Bakewicz

Director of Resilience & Growth

Sharon Ball

Senior Director of Procurement & Logistics
Bo Banks headshot

Bo Banks

Director of Business Development, Inclusive Market Systems

Elitza Barden

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems 

Gelsey Bennett

Senior Director of Resilience & Growth

Stephanie Brennan

Lead Technical Writer 

Gregory Buchholz-White

Managing Director, Pricing, Compliance & Teaming
Nicole Chao headshot

Nicole Chao

Vice President of Resilience & Growth

Jill Chow

Vice President of Communications & Outreach

Sandi Crawford

Managing Director of Awards Management Services
Emmanuel Dormon headshot

Emmanuel Dormon

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems
david fischer headshot

David Fischer

Managing Director, Inclusive Market Systems
Carolyn Froeschl headshot

Carolyn Froeschl

Senior Director of Financial Systems
Gandilyann headshot

Art Gandilyan

Senior Director of Inclusive Market Systems

Patricia Gbeti

Managing Director, Project Accounting

Julie Hamlin

Senior Director of Program Communications, Communications & Outreach

Dana Hudock

Senior Director, Cost and Pricing

Anar Khalil

Senior Director of Subaward Systems Management

Marc Kokosky

Senior Director of Compliance

Daniel Lee

Senior Director of Knowledge Management

Beth Leonhardt

Senior Director of Business Development, Resilience & Growth

Tamara Ljubinkovic

Managing Director of Project Operations 

Carrie McCloud

Senior Director of Communications & Outreach

Brian Meister

Senior Vice President of Corporate Compliance & Accounting

Nadia Namken

Senior Technical Director of Inclusive Market Systems
Patrick Norrell headshot

Patrick Norrell

Senior Vice President of Inclusive Market Systems

Quanita Pokolo-Hassell

Senior Vice President of Human Resources 

Yamil Roger Nasser

Associate Director of Resilience & Growth

Karl Rosenberg

Senior Director, Resilience & Growth
Laura Schauble headshot

Laura Schauble

Vice President of Risk Management and Office Operations 
Mike Thayer headshot

Mike Thayer

Senior Director of Resilience & Growth

Thelonious Trimmell

Senior Agribusiness Advisor of Inclusive Market Systems

Lucas Valente da Costa

Associate Director of Resilience & Growth

Jaha Zakhidov

Senior Director, International Human Resources and Compensation