Ghana ADVANCE Increases Project Effectiveness with Technology

Tablet-Based App Enhances Data Collection and Extension Services In northern Ghana, the USAID-funded ADVANCE project boosts maize, rice, and soybean …

Ghana ADVANCE Beneficiaries of the mobile money service carrying out a transaction

USAID ADVANCE Facilitates Farmers’ Access to Finance

The smallholder farmers who participate in the USAID ADVANCE project no longer have to struggle to find credit for their …

Women tuning into radio for agricultural programs

ADVANCE Boosts Yields and Smallholders’ Incomes through Agricultural Radio Programming

Through radio programming, USAID ADVANCE is introducing some 25,000 smallholder farmers to innovative technologies and agricultural best practices, including row …

Ghana ADVANCE MTN official registering a project beneficiary as a merchant

USAID ADVANCE Scales Up Mobile Financial Services for Farmers

USAID ADVANCE is supporting the maize, rice, and soybean value chains in northern Ghana to achieve food security. As part …

Ghana ADVANCE Helps Farmers Counter Climate Change

All agriculture depends on specific climate conditions. Serious climatic changes adversely affect farming practices, crop growth, and product quality. Smallholder …


Women Farmers in Ghana Gain Greater Access to Land

Although women do most of the agricultural work worldwide, they own very little of the land they farm. In Africa, …