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Video Celebrates Empowered Women Coffee Producers in the Philippines

Our USDA-funded Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise (PhilCAFE) Activity produced a video celebrating the women of BACOFA. The women …

TJ Ryan headshot

T.J. Ryan

Chief of Party of Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise Project

Smiling volunteers on deck

USDA PhilCAFE Project Encourages Youth Engagement in Agriculture

In the Philippines, the average age of a farmer is 56 years old. Many government institutions in the country are …

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Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise (PhilCAFE)

Despite significant progress in recent years, the Philippine coffee sector remains in need of support to realize its full potential …

Pathway to Nutrition through Women’s Empowerment

MinPACT Global Specialty Coffee Expo

MinPACT Empowers Philippines Farmers to Win Specialty Coffee Title

For the first time in its history, coffee from the Philippines won specialty coffee status when it was cupped and …

ACDI/VOCA MinPACT Participants Winnowing of Roasted Cacao Beans

MinPACT Workshop Trains Filipino Chocolate Makers

Raymond Major, a forty-year veteran of the chocolate confectionery industry, arrived in Davao City, in the Philippines, to find nearly …

MinPact Promotes Gender Equity in the Philippines

Philippines MinPACT: Kakao Konek 2016

Man picking cherries off of a coffee tree in East Africa

ACDI/VOCA Supports Coffee Farmers on International Coffee Day (and Every Day)

As the second most demanded commodity in the world after oil, coffee is a big deal and an essential part …

Philippines MinPACT, CocoLink 2016

Philippines MinPACT Project Supports International Coconut Conference

CocoLink 2016 Addresses Challenges and Opportunities of Coconut Value Chain CocoLink 2016, the annual International Coconut Conference, is taking place …

Philippines minPACT Cocoa

Mindanao Productivity in Agricultural Commerce and Trade (MinPACT) Project

Supporting Cocoa, Coconut, and Coffee Farmers in Mindanao RELATED NEWS See More Summary ACDI/VOCA implemented the USDA Food for Progress …

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