Hayden Aaronson

Hayden is a senior technical director for market systems at ACDI/VOCA, where he oversees a portfolio of market system projects, leads technical design work on project proposals, and develops technical tools and resources on inclusive market systems development. He has over 19 years of experience designing and implementing market development and enterprise strengthening programs. Hayden is an innovative systems thinker passionate about creating systemic change through market analysis, facilitation approaches, and evidenced based learning. He previously managed activities under the USAID/Leveraging Economic Opportunity (LEO) project, which provided thought leadership and research for USAID on inclusive market systems approaches and has served as a Team Leader and COP on projects in Uganda, Serbia, and Georgia.


Key Takeaways from ACDI/VOCA’s Pivot to a Market Systems Approach

At ACDI/VOCA, our mission is to empower people to succeed in the global economy. To achieve our mission on the …