David Ringuette

David Ringuette

David Ringuette is a professor and agriculture expert with 37 years of experience in environmental science, horticulture, climate change mitigation, and more. David began his volunteer service as a Peace Corp volunteer in Azrou, Morocco in 1980. Additionally since 2015, he has completed five volunteer assignments through the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program with ACDI/VOCA and other implementers.

ACDI/VOCA Farmer to Farmer David Ringuette and son

A Family Affair: Father and Son Volunteer for Farmer-to-Farmer

In the past three years, I have completed 17 volunteer assignments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. With 20 years …

ACDI/VOCA Ghana Volunteer David Ringuette

ACDI/VOCA Volunteer Helps Mango Farmers Improve Productivity

Mango growers in southern Ghana with ACDI/VOCA Volunteer David Ringuette (center), wearing gifts he received during their last session Ghana …