Technical Experts

Hayden Aaronson headshot

Hayden Aaronson

Managing Director, Market & Food Systems
Cristobal Aguilar headshot

Cristobal Aguilar

Senior Director of Agriculture and Community Development

Caroline Allen

Associate Director of Technical Learning
Caroline Bailey headshot

Caroline Bailey

Associate Director, Gender and Youth

Ovidiu Bujorean

Technical Director of Partnerships & Investments

Geoffrey Chalmers

Vice President for Partnerships and Investment, Managing Director for AV Ventures

Brian Cohen

Senior Director of Environment and Climate Change

Luca Crudeli

Senior Technical Director, Market Systems

Ydun Donahoe

Technical Director of Market Systems

Valentina Echeverry

Senior Technical Director, Partnerships & Investments

Barry Elkin

Technical Director of Commodity Management

Luis Flores

Senior Technical Director, Agricultural Systems
Glenn lines headshot

Glenn Lines

Senior Advisor
Melissa Matlock headshot

Melissa Matlock

Director, Gender and Social Inclusion

Christine McClung

Technical Manager, Partnerships & Investments

Nathalie Me-Nsope

Director of Gender and Agriculture

Morgan Mercer

Senior Director of Gender, Youth, and Social Inclusion

Kathryn Merckel

Technical Director of Nutrition and Food Systems

Paul Newall

Senior Technical Director of Partnerships & Investment

Mark Sevier

Senior Technical Director of Market Systems and Partnerships

Daniel Sumner

Associate Director, Gender and Youth
Cheryl Turner headshot

Cheryl Turner

Executive Vice President of Technical Learning and Application
Jenn Williamson headshot

Jenn Williamson

Vice President, Gender and Social Inclusion