Technical Experts

Hayden Aaronson headshot

Hayden Aaronson

Managing Director, Market & Food Systems
Cristobal Aguilar headshot

Cristobal Aguilar

Senior Director of Agriculture and Community Development

Caroline Allen

Associate Director of Technical Learning
Caroline Bailey headshot

Caroline Bailey

Director, Gender, Youth and Social Inclusion

Matthew Bare

Director of Climate and Environment

Meg Buckley

Associate Director, Private Sector Engagement

Ovidiu Bujorean

Senior Technical Director of Partnerships & Investments

Geoffrey Chalmers

Senior Vice President for Partnerships and Investment, Managing Director for AV Ventures

Laura Conn

Director of Partnerships & Investment

Luca Crudeli

Senior Technical Director, Market Systems

Ydun Donahoe

Senior Technical Director of Market Systems and Governance

Valentina Echeverry

Senior Technical Director, Partnerships & Investments
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