Smallholder farmers have difficulty accessing markets due to limited product volume and inconsistent quality. Belonging to a well-managed group can link farmers to these markets. Sell More For More (SMFM) empowers farmer cooperatives and aggregators to develop marketing plans and meet buyer specifications. SMFM develops the capacity of these groups to sell more product for more income.

SMFM strengthens the post-harvest handling abilities of farmer members while also improving the farm-based organization’s business capabilities. Farm-based organizations can range from informal groups to highly formalized cooperatives. The intent is the same: Link smallholder farmers to more profitable markets.

The SMFM methodology strengthens the capacity of farm-based organizations (FBOs) in the following four segments:

  1. Marketing: guides FBOs in buyer identification, conducting outreach to buyers, communication of buyer standards to members, and the development of buyer agreements. Check out the Marketing module facilitation manual from the Zambia PROFIT+ project.
  2. Membership: structures FBO outreach to potential members and improves internal communications to existing members. Also, ensure that members are educating on the roles and responsibilities of leaders and committees. Check out the Membership module facilitation manual from the Zambia PROFIT+ project.
  3. Money: enhances FBO controls and documentation of all funds, assets, and product. Reviews liquidity of FBO throughout the season to determine any credit needs for either the organization or the members. Check out the Money module facilitation manual from the Zambia PROFIT+ project.
  4. Management: improves the performance and accountability of FBO leaders by ensuring adherence to documented roles and responsibilities. Also, identifies methods to ensure equitable gender leadership and participation. Check out the Management module facilitation manual from the Zambia PROFIT+ project.
  5. A key success factor for the SMFM methodology is the participants’ ability to make their own decisions and document them for future planning. The SMFM Participant Guide is essential for the effective implementation of the FBO action plan. See an example from the Zambia PROFIT+ project.

Measuring Success

We rigorously monitor project activities and adaptively manage them to achieve success for our clients. We customize every project to meet the unique demands and emerging challenges of each situation. For SMFM, we create a comprehensive evaluation that builds from the following measures:

Output: number of buyers identified

Outcome (immediate): number of sales agreements formed

Outcome (distant): average sales per member