We work within ever-changing, complex market systems, where the sustainability and scale of impact depends on our ability to collaborate, learn, and adapt (CLA) – both as internal program teams and with local stakeholders. ACDI/VOCA’s custom CLA Playbook (available in English, Spanish, and French) offers practical tipsexamples, and tools to support program staff to meaningfully and effectively integrate CLA into day-to-day management processes, learning, and strategic planning.  In easy-to-digest, short segments organized along the six domains of USAID’s CLA Framework, the Playbook curates experiences and expertise from a diverse array of ACDI/VOCA global project staff with existing resources from USAID and other implementing partners, tailored directly for our systems and the daily realities of our project contexts. ACDI/VOCA places a particular focus on the enabling environment for CLA, so the Playbook includes a special focus on how to foster culture, processes, and administrative resources that work in synergy with the technical and M&E teams.

Resources include: tools for mapping and prioritizing strategic collaborators; workshop facilitation ideas to enhance the outcomes from stakeholder meetings; examples of action research questions for learning agendas; guidance on developing a theory of change; tips for adaptive work planning; staff interview questions to assess soft skills (e.g. critical thinking/teamwork/comfort with change);  simple ways that managers can incentivize staff to think more critically; bullets for job descriptions and performance evaluations; examples of flexible contract and partnership fund administration, etc.

Launched in 2017, the Playbook is now used across ACDI/VOCA’s global portfolio of programs, and has enabled great strides in consistent application of principles in our daily practice, ultimately supporting impact.

Learn more about the CLA Playbook here.