Profit Planner

Without access to credit, farmers cannot purchase the improved seed, fertilizer, and other inputs needed to increase their yields and incomes. Profit Planner provides lenders with insightful modes of analysis to identify the appropriate financial products that will enable smallholders to become more productive. Profit Planner empowers financial institutions and agribusinesses to analyze the financial constraints smallholder farmers face.

Profit Planner provides financial modeling for loan officers to better assess risk and opportunity in agricultural lending. Buyers and processors evaluate the cash flow of their suppliers to identify liquidity needs that can ensure consistent delivery.

Four core applications are available within the Profit Planner analysis tool:

  1. Production Plan: incorporates industry benchmark data by which to screen the performance of specific farms and to assess current operating costs
  2. Profit Analysis: analyzes investments against crop returns, including seasonal changes, to determine the most profitable leverage points
  3. Cash Flow Report: with the projected profitability from new investments, determines the required cash needed to increase productivity and profit
  4. Loan Product: builds what-if scenarios to assess various loan products and liquidity options to inform the selection of appropriate credit modalities

Measuring Success

We rigorously monitor project activities and apply adaptive management to achieve success for our clients. We customize every project to meet the unique demands and emerging challenges of each situation. For Profit Planner, we create a comprehensive evaluation that builds from the following measures:

Output: # of licenses sold

Outcome (immediate): # of agricultural loans provided by licensee

Outcome (distant): # of crop budgets developed (by project) prior to implementing access to finance activities