Market Driven Rural Development Activity

The five-year Market Driven Rural Development Activity will accelerate Tajikistan’s agriculture sector growth to enable inclusive access to economic opportunities in rural communities across the nation. The expected outcome is that Tajikistan’s agriculture sector will become more competitive and resilient, where fragmented farmers, in close and mutually beneficial cooperation with private agribusinesses, will increase the profitability of their farms and have access to services that facilitate formal linkages with regional and international markets.

  • Increased investment in the agriculture sector
  • Improved value chain productivity
  • Greater access to profitable markets
  • Climate-smart approaches integrated into the agriculture system
  • Private sector engagement deal pipeline development
  • Technical assistance and training through paid and volunteer local and international experts
  • Facilitated business development services and training of trainers for local market actors
  • Market partnership grants and service agreements to leverage & incentivize private sector investment

Anticipated results include:

  • $15 million in private sector investment facilitated
  • 500 small-medium enterprises strengthened
  • $30 million in domestic and export sales catalyzed
  • 1,200 MT of carbon sequestered

Funder: USAID

Project Specialist: Erin Engstran,

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