Kyrgyz Republic Agro Trade Activity (KATA)

ACDI/VOCA has partnered with Chemonics to support the implementation of the five-year, USAID-funded Kyrgyz Republic Agro Trade Activity. The USAID Kyrgyz Republic Agro Trade Activity will support job creation, strengthen value chains, and improve the business enabling environment through interventions that boost productivity, upgrade processing, build international business-to-business linkages, facilitate access to finance, and support private sector-informed policy reform.

ACDI/VOCA will support The Activity by leading aspects related to adding economic value through more inclusive jobs and sales (particularly for women) for southern Kyrgyzstani agribusiness and farmers. ACDI/VOCA will also strive to increase cross-border and regional trade links between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Ferghana Valley and improve the enabling environment for increased Kyrgyz Republic-Uzbekistan market integration.

Project Objectives

  • Economic Value Added Through More Inclusive (Particularly Women) Jobs and Sales for Southern Kyrgyz Agribusiness and Farmers
  • Increased Cross-Border and Regional Trade Links Between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Ferghana Valley
  • Improve Enabling Environment for Increased Kyrgyz Republic-Uzbekistan Market Integration

Project Activities and Approaches

  • Implement a market-systems approach to broker connections with end markets, facilitate processor investment in advanced technology and processes, design and facilitate partnership agreements requiring the adoption of new practices, promote the expansion of extension services, and improve access to finance and investment. 
  • Support processors, consolidators, and producers to sign contracts at business-to-business matchmaking events and trade fairs, arrange demonstrations of good agricultural practices, promote end-market standards, and facilitate partnership agreements, especially between processors and businesses owned by women and marginalized groups. 
  • Help draft and promote policies related to the enabling environment and natural resources, determine areas for trade advocacy, and advocate for legal reforms to revise or eliminate ambiguous border policies, particularly those disproportionately impacting women or marginalized groups. 

Anticipated Project Results

  • Create jobs reflecting an inclusive and fully engaged workforce
  • Increase productivity of land and agricultural output
  • Develop stronger business skills
  • Support assistance to firms to find regional business opportunities and partners
  • Link cross-border agriculture VCs
  • Promote regional trade and business opportunities
  • Improve legal and regulatory changes that support trade
  • Improve formal market linkages between Uzbekistan and the Kyrgyz Republic

Funder: USAID; Prime Contractor: Chemonics

Agribusiness Partnerships Lead: Aijamal Ypyshova,

Project Director: Art Gandilyan,

Project Specialist: Emily Gray,

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