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Global spice demand for use in food, seasonings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals continues to grow. With their distinctive flavors and characteristics, Jamaican spices have been historically recognized as premium products. However, falling production volumes and rising prices are leading US spice buyers to source ginger, turmeric, and pimento from other countries at considerable cost savings. The sectors’ challenges, left unresolved over the years, have led to progressively decreasing production volumes, low productivity, and significantly high levels of unmet demand—for local and export produce and value-added products. Despite these challenges, strong commitment, collaboration, and investment are signs that Jamaica aims to regain its market share and reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality spices.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food for Progress Jamaica Spices project will capitalize on and build upon this commitment and investment to support Jamaica’s goal of revitalizing the spice sector to meet the existing export and domestic demand for turmeric, ginger, and pimento. Through our integrated market systems and ecosystem-based landscape approach, we will support 7,500 farmers and market systems actors, including financial and supporting service providers, to create a more diversified and vibrant spice sector.

Request for Proposal

Project Objectives

  • Improve and expand the trade of ginger, turmeric, and pimento products by increasing their quality to meet international standards and connecting farmers and producer organizations with Jamaican and international buyers
  • Increase the productivity of high-quality Jamaican ginger, turmeric, and pimento by strengthening the capacity of farmers, producer organizations, processors, and other private sector entities, while improving the food security and climate resiliency of farmers

Project Activities and Approaches

  • Integrate climate-resilient farming systems that support farmers to use improved planting material and management practices on 2,250 hectares of land, sustainably increasing yields by 50%.
  • Create a more diversified and vibrant spice sector that can provide quality spices and increase annual export sales to $14.5M.

Anticipated Project Results

  • Increase Jamaica’s yields of turmeric, ginger, and pimento on 2,250 hectares by 50 percent, resulting in $20 million in sales and $14.5 million in annual export sales.
  • Increase management and organizational capacity building to a targeted 4,900 participants in across the island
  • Develop partnerships with 30 firms and strengthen the capacity of the government agencies including the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority, Rural Agricultural Development Authority, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining


Read about the implementation of the USDA Food for Progress JaSPICE project in Jamaica here.

Project Leadership

Project Specialist: Genesis Contreras


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