Feed the Future Ghana Market Systems and Resilience







Background Narrative

The USAID-funded Ghana Market Systems and Resilience Activity (MSR) is a five-year, $35.9M follow-on project to USAID/Ghana ADVANCE II. MSR will leverage over a decade of experience linking smallholders to markets, inputs, and services in Ghana. The project will strengthen commercial relationships between market actors, improve the rural entrepreneurship ecosystem to enable greater market participation, particularly for women and youth, expand the availability of agribusiness services, and link targeted policy initiatives to improved local economic governance. These activities will result in competitive, stronger, and more resilient markets, thus increasing inclusive agriculture-led economic growth in northern Ghana.

Project Objectives

  • Increase commercialization and profitability of agriculture markets.
  • Increase institutional capacity of market actors.
  • Improve market access and quality of business services.
  • Improve the enabling environment for local market actors.

Project Activities and Approaches

Ghana MSR’s approach posits that if agricultural supply chains increase the commercialization and profitability of market actors in northern Ghana (Objective 1), demand for and supply of quality entrepreneurship, business development, and technical services will expand (Objective 2), thereby driving improved market access and quality of agricultural-related business services (Objective 3), and catalyzing action among market actors for an improved enabling environment (Objective 4).

Anticipated Project Results

  • Increased participation of 200,000 individuals in food security programming
  • Improved application of management practice technologies for at least 200,000 individuals
  • Increased value of producers’ and firms’ annual sales by a minimum of $183,000,000.
  • Improved accessibility of at least $18,500,000 worth of agriculture-related financing.
  • Enhanced enabling environment through national and district policy development, implementation, compliance, and enforcement. 

Project Leadership

Ghana MSR General Contact: msr.info@acdivocaghana.org

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