Employment and Enterprise Development Activity (EEDA)









The Tajikistan Employment and Enterprise Development Activity (EEDA) is a five-year, $18M program funded by USAID and implemented by ACDI/VOCA. Using an inclusive market systems (IMS) approach, EEDA will increase market-led sales and inclusive sustainable jobs and livelihoods for Tajikistan households through the improved ability of Tajikistan businesses to produce better quality and more consistent volumes of competitively priced goods and services.

Project Objectives

  • Establish commercial relationships that continue after the project ends.
  • Create economic motivation for the private sector to co-invest.
  • Provide greater chances for success because of the tangible and intangible resources that the private sector contributes.

Project Activities

Core interventions will focus on end-market linkages to:

  1. Expand startups and MSMEs through linkages with market leaders and more developed enterprises, and
  2. Upgrade the capacity of end markets to absorb more products and services from these firms.

The approach will build partnerships around end markets, typically market leaders or more advanced enterprises, that bring in markets and resources to invest in market systems expansion.

Anticipated or Achieved Project Results

  • Increased capacities and productivity of selected sectors in Tajikistan
  • Enhanced workforce skills to meet the demands of the private sector
  • Better equipped MSMEs and start-ups with technical and financial resources to develop their businesses and create more opportunities for self and wage employment

Project Leadership


Project Specialist: Erin Engstran