AV Ventures, a leading impact investor in the agribusiness sector and subsidiary of ACDI/VOCA, proudly announces its membership in AVPA. This strategic affiliation underscores AV Ventures’ dedication to supporting the most promising African entrepreneurs in food systems, access to finance, renewable energy, blue economy, and climate adaptation.

AVPA serves as a pivotal platform, bringing together key stakeholders and investors who are interested in increasing the flow of capital into social investments across Africa. With a vision of utilizing collaborative and innovative investments to attain exponential social impact and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), AVPA aligns seamlessly with AV Ventures’ overarching goal of cultivating inclusive growth.

AV Ventures has been at the forefront of driving agricultural transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging innovative solutions to enhance productivity, empower local communities, and promote environmental sustainability through investments in outstanding companies such as Agroinnova and WARC in Ghana and Solargen Technologies and Hello Tractor in Kenya. By joining AVPA, AV Ventures aims to strengthen its network and actively contribute to initiatives that increase investments in patient capital, build stronger communities of entrepreneurs across the continent, and build the scalable champions that drive African economic prosperity.  

“The decision to join AVPA is a testament to our commitment to the development and support of scalable and visionary entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe that by working together we can support the most promising African entrepreneurs and transform the ‘missing middle’ into a thriving middle.  AVPA provides a platform for us to engage with like-minded organizations, share insights, and collectively work towards creating a more resilient and prosperous agricultural ecosystem.”

Ovidiu Bujorean, Senior Technical Director of Investments and Innovative Finance at ACDI/VOCA and AV Ventures

AV Ventures’ membership in AVPA is expected to facilitate greater collaboration with industry peers, government bodies, and development partners. The exchange of ideas and expertise within the network will enable AV Ventures to further optimize its impact on local communities, promote inclusive growth, and contribute to the achievement of SDGs in the region.

As AV Ventures continues to expand its footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting sustainable agribusiness practices, hence, launching their “RootsToFoods Podcast” and driving positive change. The collaboration with AVPA marks a significant milestone in this journey, underscoring the company’s dedication to creating a more resilient and prosperous future for the agricultural sector in the region.

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