We are pleased to announce that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has named ACDI/VOCA to lead the Feed the Future Tanzania Kilimo Tija Activity. This five-year activity will transform the Tanzanian horticulture market system into a more vibrant, competitive, resilient, and inclusive one capable of fueling sustained growth and drawing in new market participants. This will be achieved through three outcomes:

1) Strengthen horticulture market systems to increase enterprise and employment opportunities

2) Increase access to commercially provided, climate-smart, and productivity-enhancing agricultural technologies

3) Strengthen the enabling environment for market systems

To achieve these outcomes, Kilimo Tija will use several approaches, including strengthening the organization of the horticulture market system to enable farmers and entrepreneurs to move into higher-value activities, increasing sales of improved seeds and fertilizers to grow yields, sales, and consumption of high-quality horticulture crops, and encouraging private sector investment in the horticulture market system.

Through Kilimo Tija, Tanzanian smallholders and producer organizations will benefit from improved commercial access to productive technologies and training to help them produce quality fresh and processed fruits and vegetables for an expanding and diverse market of domestic and international buyers. The activity will impact over 2,400 horticulture MSMEs, increasing their revenue by at least 15 percent annually and creating 7,400 new jobs (most of which will employ women and youth). The area impacted by Kilimo Tija will include the regions of Morogoro, Iringa, Mbeya, Njombe, and Zanzibar. ACDI/VOCA has partnered with ASPIRES and Fintrac Global to implement Kilimo Tija.