ACDI/VOCA is pleased to announce USAID has selected the organization to lead the USAID Indigenous People and Afro-Colombian Empowerment (IPACE) Activity in Colombia. This five-year activity will partner with local indigenous and Afro-Colombian populations to strengthen self-governance, create sustainable economic opportunities, and build resilience to shock and stresses.

The IPACE Activity also aims to improve respect for cultural and ethnic diversity and conserve local biodiversity in the process. Its overall goal is to contribute to ethnic self-determined development among these groups in Colombia.

As implementer of this activity, ACDI/VOCA will co-create sustainable results with ethnic groups and public and private sector partners. These types of alliances are crucial to the IPACE Activity achieving a sustainable impact across social, economic, and environmental systems.

ACDI/VOCA plans to champion local ownership and leadership by helping nine second-tier ethnic organizations strengthen 235 local ethnic organizations, reaching roughly 60,000 indigenous and Afro-Colombian people in the country.

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