ACDI/VOCA is pleased to announce USAID has selected the organization to lead the Food Security, Agriculture and Resilient Market Systems (FARMS) Activity in Honduras. This five-year activity aims to strengthen agricultural market systems in Honduras, making them more competitive, inclusive, and resilient by using key leverage points within priority value chains.  

These points will incorporate business models that allow middle-value market actors to deliver services and expand market access to rural farmers. They will also incorporate rules that build transparency and trust between actors, create more connective and redundant services in the market, expand access to loans and investments, and diversify products and livelihoods.

The FARMS Activity plans to reach 70,000 Hondurans, create 35,000 jobs, mobilize $140 million in investments, and foster economic opportunities for Honduran women, youth, and individuals living in low socioeconomic conditions.

To make this a reality, ACDI/VOCA will partner with private and public sector actors and support them as they co-create, co-invest in, test, and expand solutions that effect and sustain economic opportunity. ACDI/VOCA will draw upon the expertise of Fintrac, a woman-owned, U.S.-based consulting company, two small businesses, Dimagi and JE Austin, as well as a research center, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, and two universities, the Norman Borlaug Institute at Texas A&M University and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF). The work of the FARMS Activity will be made possible through these support firms and organizations and its local partnerships.

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