In Colombia, the USAID-funded Youth Resilience Activity (YRA) celebrated International Youth Day on August 12 with a series of events throughout the month to inspire creativity, build solidarity, and generate interest in YRA.

In Bogotá, Cali, Quibdó, and Cúcuta, community members gathered to paint murals depicting positive messages and scenes of prosperity, helping to build bridges by bringing together different groups of people who do not often interact.

A business fair in Cali offered youth entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their products.
Dance group the Black Boys Chocó put on a high-energy performance at the Youth Day activity in Quidbó.
Artists and community members paint a mural on the border between the Bogotá neighborhoods of Caracolí and Potosí, a symbolic gesture of solidarity.

Employment and entrepreneurship fairs in Cali and Arauca connected youth with opportunities such as vocational training, job openings, and other economic benefits and services. The fairs also offered a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

In Cartagena, Tumaco, and Riohacha, YRA supported cultural festivals featuring musical performances, sports, and environmental activities promoting social cohesion and the safe use of public spaces.

A vibrant performance by youth in Tumaco highlights the culture of the Pacific region.

Additionally, in Cúcuta and Florencia, community members took part in environmental cleanups and tree planting activities, encouraging a sense of collective responsibility and belonging. 

Children and youth in Cucutá participated in activities that included tree planting, mural painting, and cultural performances.

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