ACDI/VOCA is pleased to announce Sabrina Amburgey as the organization’s new Vice President of Business Development, beginning in August 2021. Sabrina will bring to this role not only her deep roots in the global development industry but also more than 10 years of experience serving ACDI/VOCA’s mission in various roles throughout the organization.

In her most recent role of Vice President of Strategic Growth & Partnerships, which she began in 2016, Sabrina worked extensively to provide business and market intelligence to support the organization’s strategic growth and diversification of our donors and partners. This work has set the stage for the future of our business development efforts.

“Since joining ACDI/VOCA over 10 years ago, it has been great to see the tremendous team we have built across the organization and the impact our projects have made. I’m excited to take on this new challenge and look forward to further growing our programming, empowering more people to succeed in the global economy.”

— Sabrina Amburgey, ACDI/VOCA’s Vice President of Business Development

Sabrina’s first role at ACDI/VOCA in 2010 was Deputy Director of New Business Development. She later became Senior Director, managing a team of business development analysts and played a key role in securing projects in Ethiopia, Zambia, Mali, and the Kyrgyz Republic. Sabrina currently serves as a board member for Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) and led the working group that developed the ISO/IWA 29:2019 professional farmer organization guidelines. She also serves on the board of directors for Root Change.

This announcement comes on the heels of Robin Richey’s planned retirement from the role in August. Robin joined ACDI/VOCA in 2017 as a consultant hired to analyze the status of our business development processes and proposals. After several months consulting with us, Robin came out of retirement to accept the role of leading our business development team.

“It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Robin over the past four years, during which time she skillfully and successfully led our business development efforts, helping us to expand our footprint and the impact of our mission across the globe. I am energized and excited to have Sabrina take on this important role at ACDI/VOCA. She brings to this leadership role a deep knowledge of our sector, top notch business development acumen, and a grounding in our organizational mission and values.”

–Sylvia J. Megret, ACDI/VOCA’s President and Chief Operating Officer

ACDI/VOCA looks forward to this next chapter of new growth and leadership within our business development team.