ACDI/VOCA’s affiliate, ASI, is now officially operating as Tanager. Since 1993, Tanager has allowed ACDI/VOCA to expand the reach of our technical expertise and achieve our mission of empowering people to succeed in the global economy. Tanager’s flexibility and nimbleness appeal to a variety of funders, including private companies, foundations, and governments. The organization co-creates new ideas and tests innovative approaches to overcome market and supply chain challenges. Together with ACDI/VOCA and its impact investing affiliate, AV Ventures, Tanager achieves inclusive market growth by unlocking the full potential of shared economic opportunities.

So, why “Tanager”? The name comes from Darwin’s studies of the family of tanager birds, reflecting their ability to adapt to different geographic areas, their evolution to use their beaks and talons as tools, and their taking flight with upward and forward momentum. Tanager employs similar movement, flexibility, and creativity in helping people adapt to and benefit from rapidly changing market dynamics.

Tanager’s goal remains the same: to help smallholder producers and workforces create and capitalize on life-changing opportunities. This is best articulated by Tanager’s new tagline: “Growth for Good.”

We are excited about Tanager’s new name, refreshed brand, and suite of communications materials now available. These are important tools to better position Tanager for continued growth and to help the ACDI/VOCA family of companies achieve their mission.

Please visit Tanager’s newly launched website at, and connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.