ACDI/VOCA announced Bill Polidoro retired from his position as president and chief executive officer effective December 22, 2017, after 12 years of service.

Polidoro has been a key contributor to ACDI/VOCA for many years, first as its chief operating officer in 2005 and later as its president and CEO in 2014.

“I am extremely proud of our accomplishments over the last 12 years and remain convinced that our mission-focused approach, thought leadership, and strong record of accomplishment will ensure continued success. While I will miss our mission and staff, I will remain a supporter and will be a regular consumer of your outreach.” – Bill Polidoro, Chief Executive Officer

During his tenure, Polidoro strengthened the organization’s operational capacity and led ACDI/VOCA into a leadership position with USAID’s important Feed the Future programming, as well as several highly competed umbrella contracting mechanisms in food security, market opportunities, and other realms.

“The board of directors joins me as well as ACDI/VOCA staff and volunteers in expressing our sincerest appreciation for Bill’s impact over the years. We thank him for his service as president and CEO, where his strategic leadership has positioned ACDI/VOCA for a competitive and diversified landscape.” – Deborah Atwood, Chair, Board of Directors

Sylvia J. Megret has been named interim chief executive officer. She joined ACDI/VOCA in the fall of 2016 as COO and has worked with mission-driven organizations supporting international development programs for over 25 years.