ACDI/VOCA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fundación Avina on Thursday, November 17 at ACDI/VOCA headquarters in Washington, DC. The MOU sets the stage for the two organizations to work together on areas of common interest from peacebuilding and community development to workforce development and disaster risk reduction.

Gabriel Baracatt Fundación Avina CEO & Paul Guenette ACDI/VOCA Chief Communications Officer
Gabriel Baracatt Fundación, Avina CEO & Paul Guenette, ACDI/VOCA Chief Communications Officer sign MOU

“If we want make impact in our job, our destiny is [to] work together [to] improve the conditions for the most vulnerable. We are sure that Avina and ACDI/VOCA can make important changes.” –Gabriel Baracatt, Fundación Avina CEO

Created in 1994, Fundación Avina is a Latin American foundation that promotes large-scale changes for sustainable development by building collaborative processes with actors from different sectors. This is the perfect complement to ACDI/VOCA’s mission, which focuses on promoting economic opportunities for cooperatives, enterprises and communities worldwide through the application of sound business practice.  We look forward to a fruitful partnership.