Profit Planner, a Signature Tool from ACDI/VOCA, was highlighted as part of a “robust lending methodology” within the recently published Agricultural Lending: A How-To Guide. IFC, the investment arm of the World Bank and author of the publication, first implemented this tool in the Philippines in 2014 before expanding into Indonesia in 2015. Profit Planner aids in forecasting farm revenue, production costs, and other household expenses, enabling financial institutions to better assess financial risk on behalf of both the institution and the farmer, finding the right level of investment to facilitate growth. “It’s a powerful tool that financial institutions have used to develop and deliver the right agricultural loan products,” commented Dun Grover, associate director of financial services at ACDI/VOCA.

To learn more, please visit the Profit Planner page on our website or click on IFC Agricultural Lending Guide to read the entire document.