USAID Cereal Value Chain (CVC) Project

Increasing Agricultural Productivity in the Cereals Value Chain


Mali CVC farmers combatting erosion

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The goal of the USAID Cereal Value Chain (CVC) project is to promote inclusive, equitable agricultural sector growth through increased value chain integration and competitiveness, which will lead to broad-based economic growth.

The USAID CVC project takes a facilitative approach to value chain development, ensuring that project efforts lead to sustainable partnerships and increased benefits for all actors operating within the value chains, as well as enhanced long-term food security in the target areas. The project promotes integration, empowerment of women, resilience of vulnerable communities and populations, and inclusive development in the sorghum/millet and rice value chains in Mali.

  • Increase agricultural production and productivity in the cereals value chain
  • Expand market and trade of core value chain products
  • Increase the resiliency of vulnerable communities and households
  • Strengthen local capacities and systems
  • Build capacity across an array of business development services and agricultural production skills
  • Strengthen relationships among value chain actors
  • Support services and promote the enabling environment necessary for long-term competitiveness
  • Reached 41,296 rural households with CVC interventions
  • 31,193 hectares under improved technologies or management practices as a result of CVC assistance
  • 17,808 farmers and others have applied new technologies or management practices as a result of CVC assistance
  • Provided business development services training to 2,339 MSMEs and facilitated access to loans for 4,107 MSMEs
  • Facilitated the disbursement of $916,960 in agricultural and rural loans to beneficiary producer organizations and traders

Funder: USAID
Budget: $21,500,000
Contact: Cecilia Nicolich,

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