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Market Linkages Initiative (MLI)

Smallholder Farmers Connect to National and International Markets ACDI/VOCA implemented a two year, $1.9 million USAID-funded Market Linkages Initiative (MLI) …

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East Africa Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F)

Volunteers Help Build Smallholder Capacity Interventions in agriculture are crucial to economic growth and poverty reduction in Kenya and Uganda, …

AflaSTOP 2015 Annual Report

AflaSTOP 2015 Annual Report

AflaSTOP aims to develop and commercialize technologies for post-harvest storage and drying of staple grains to help prevent and control …

Key Findings from AflaSTOP’s ‘Off-Farm’ Controlled Tests in Eastern Kenya

This report summarizes the key findings and the initial detailed statistical output from AflaSTOP’s Off-Farm Storage Device Testing. This research, …

Feed the Future Helps World Feed Itself

Since 1990, the number of hungry people in the world has been cut in half. Since 2009, Feed the Future …

ATONU Launch Highlights Need for Optimizing Agriculture to Improve Nutrition

The ATONU: Improving Nutrition Outcomes through Optimized Agricultural Investments initiative kicks off at the Africa Day for Food and Nutrition …

Embracing CLA to Drive Technology Adoption in Kenya: AflaSTOP’s Experience

Read AflaSTOP’s winning submission for USAID’s Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation (CLA) Case Competition. Using the experience with the grain dryer …

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Kenya – AflaSTOP: Portable Shallow Bed Batch Dryer

Kenya REGAL-AG Lucy Katap Lemantile, community animal health worker in Oldonyiro at market

Agrodealer in Kenya Puts Customer First to Serve More Livestock Owners

Lucy Katap Lemantile, a community animal health worker in Oldonyiro, Kenya, opened her agrovet shop in 2011 to serve neighboring …

Kenya AIIM-Assist Landscape

African Institutions Build Organizational Capacity with Help from AIIM-Assist

When USAID/East Africa announced the first Annual Program Statement (APS) under the African Institutions Innovation Mechanism (AIIM) initiative in 2012, …

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